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Find Out What I Used: Amazing! My Hair Growth After Four Months

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If you have been spending your cash on hair growth formulas that never seem to work, This post is for you. Your hair is like a growing plant, it requires patience and also care and I mean a lot of care.

Unlike plants, it doesn’t undergo photosynthesis so you need to take care of it. I sometimes forget to cream my hair, I know you do too. If you want to grow your hair. You need to figure out why it’s not growing…

    1. Chemical Treatment: Relaxers, Steaming, Perming and all. Too much of this can weaken the hair and slow growth. Your hair would become prone to breakage, you don’t want that. I relax my hair once in three months, four at most. You can also be guilty of Over washing. This can strip your hair of its natural oils. If you are guilty of this, you would notice your hair is brittle and dry except if you moisturize regularly of course.
      Hair growth

      Wash your hair but don’t overdo it… Twice a week would do.

    2. Poor Nutrition: Dont ask what effect your diet has on your hair growth… We all need food to grow. If you are pregnant, the doctor must have told you that your diet would affect the growth of your baby. Same applies to your hair. If you are skipping meals or not eating properly, Your hair is not going to grow. That’s just the truth.Note that protein is very important.. A strand of hair is composed of mostly of protein which means your hair needs protein to grow.”Hair and nails are both protein fibres”, says dermatologist Paradi mirmirani, M.D., of the Permanente Medical Group in Vallejo, Calif and a member of the North American Hair Research Society.
Hair growth

After wash picture…??

Other reasons: Underlying health conditions, Genetics and also environmental conditions. Sometimes, Your scalp just needs Breathing space. 

Before now, my front hair was nothing to write about. The #Longhairjourney wasn’t just something I decided to embark on. I really love braids and ghana weaving but because of my front hair, I was ashamed to braid my hair so I decided to join the #Teamdreadlock. It gave me the chance to take care of my hair as I would if I had nothing on but still have something on… confusing but it worked for me. You can’t wash your hair while you have a weavon or Wig on but you can do that with dreads. Also, I had my dreads on for four months, this means that I did not have to stress my hair by losing and making my hair all over again. One hairstyle for about four months To some people, this might not sound so cool and stylish but the good thing, you can style the dreads in any way you desire and you can fix on it if you can deal with the heat.

I washed my hair twice a week and since I love to experiment with natural ingredients, i created my very own hair cream which I am sure contributed to the growth of my hair.

Hair growth

My hair right before I decided I didn’t want to be on #teamnatural anymore. I got my hair relaxed afterwards

I used Shea butter, Yorubas call it Ori?Shea butter

Next on the list is Virgin Coconut Oil. You can make this yourself, Go here to know how.

Coconut oil

From the family Asphodelaceae (All that botany paid off?), You need Aloe Vera.  You can start growing one if you don’t have it around. It’s pretty easy to have it as a potted plant. My mum and I grow ’em, you just need to propagate young ones from the base of the adult plant or from the joint root system. if you are going to pot it, make sure the container has a hole in the base for water to drain through… For the cream, you need just the aloe Vera gel. 

Aloe vera

Source: Google…. Couldn’t get a clear shot of mine

Last is  Honey. Make sure it’s Unadulterated honey, there’s no use using Honey if it’s not raw Honey. I would have loved to share with you the ways to know if the Honey is pure or not but I will just be making this post longer than it already is. Simply Dip a match stick into the honey, strike on the matchbox. If it lights and keeps burning off the honey, it’s pure but if it doesn’t, It’s fake. Fake honey contains moisture as one of its impurities.

Wash your hair at least once a week.

How to make the hair cream:
Scoop out as much gel from the aloe Vera. You have no business with the flesh, you just need the gel. Mix the gel with the coconut oil in a 50:50 ratio, if your coconut oil is cold pressed, you could still use it.

Whisk the mix. Pour in the Honey and keep whisking. If the mix is thick, place the container in a hot water bath so it could melt a little.

The Shea butter comes last. Add in enough to thicken the mix, allow to solidify. All done. You can add any essential oils available to you that is good for hair growth.

Hair growth

Front hair growth. Super excited?

I always laugh when I see people offering to sell some magic hair growth potion. All over my Facebook timeline… really funny and disturbing. I always like to make my own stuff so I know what’s in it.

Hair growth

Hair length – Four days before #teamdreadlock. Had Bantu knots out on at the time.

Hair growth

Hair length – Four months later

Front hair growth

My front hair growth before #Teamdreadlock

Hair growth

Got my front hair back in four months of proper care??

Don’t want to leave this little important detail. How do you feel when you are wearing a rubber band on your wrist and fall asleep with it on? Blood stops flowing to your hand and your hand becomes numb. When you wear a hair net, push it back a little so it doesn’t rest on the front hair, it could hinder the growth. A plant wouldn’t grow if there is something on it.

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  • Reply
    February 7, 2017 at 12:43 am

    Wow.. Great piece. I am a very big fan of long hair.. Mum n Boo has got to see this.. Thanks a bunch.

    • Reply
      Chelsea Okonkwo
      February 7, 2017 at 1:11 am

      You welcome dear. If you can lay your hands on marijuana (weed). use it too. it really helps hair grow.

  • Reply
    Onanubi Ebunoluwa
    April 20, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    Oh boy…,my hair does need some resurrection.’specially my front know what 3 months of carrying long braides does to your front hair….yh right,i bet u can imagine.Plus my hair is natural.How can you help me out?Thanks a lot!

    • Reply
      Chelsea Okonkwo
      April 20, 2017 at 2:42 pm

      Woah, I can imagine lol. I feel you use the treatment i used and just let your hair rest. Maintaining natural hair isn’t easy, You’ve gat to pay a lot of attention to it and always your hair to make it soft. I am not really a natural hair fan but am considering it tho. ALWAYS CREAM YOUR FRONT HAIR.

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