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Figure 8 Bead Tutorial; Get In Here For This Simple DIY Bead Pattern

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Heyo, I know last week i mentioned posting a summary of all my weekly activites relating to the blog. How did that work out for me? Not so good, i got all busy but here i am, ready to drop a bead tutorial… yeah, I can see you smiling😆😆

Figure 8 Bead tutorial

Funny Name here… The name of the design is the Figure 8

This design is pretty simple and you just have to be conversant with the peyote stitch pattern. For the beginners, peyote stitch pattern just involves skipping one bead to string another and skipping shhhhaaa, all to form like a brick wall.
The Figure 8 design is best used as a necklace (Making alot of em and joining together to form a necklace) and not an earring. This reminds me of one peculiar design that can be used as both an earring and a necklace – The Beaded Rose


Peyote stitch pattern

For this tutorial, we will need:
1. Fishing line 0.25mm
2. Two colours of size 2 seed beads (I’m using coral and green which I will code for CL and GN in this tutorial)
3. Needles

Drum roll…

Figure 8 bead tutorial

Nota Bene: Just one needle is needed.
The first step requires you to string 2GN and 30CL 3X(Thrice).

Next thing is to do as if you want to tie it, let the bead come out on both side and make sure there is no space.. Like so:

Figure 8 bead tutorial

Tie it here and it will form figure eight..

Hold it at the top where the fishing line is and turn it to form this shape:Figure 8 bead tutorial
Starting from where you knot it, Pick 1CL and skip one to pass it through the next (Just like the peyote stitch). Do this till you get to the green.Figure 8 bead tutorialFigure 8 bead tutorialFigure 8 bead tutorial
When you get to the green, pick 2GN, Skip 1GN and pass through the second one:Figure 8 bead tutorialFigure 8 bead tutorialFigure 8 bead tutorial
Continue by picking 1CL, skip one and pass through the next till you get to the green.

Remember, When you come out of the green, pick 2GN and pass to the second green:Figure 8 bead tutorial

Figure 8 bead tutorial

Keep the peyote stitch pattern going till your desired length. You can measure the length with the number of greens you have..

Figure 8 bead tutorialFigure 8 bead tutorial
That concludes the tutorial, doesn’t look like the figure 8 once you are done. Got the figure 8 bead tutorial on your first try?! You can send me pictures on Facebook.

If you didn’t get the figure 8 bead tutorial, No stress. Just drop your numbers in the comment section to be added to the WhatsApp group for clarity and help.


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