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Anike Herbal Products; A Honest Review From A Product Junkie

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Throwback to when i was so excited to receive my order from anike herbal products.

Fast forward to my writing this post, I’m not so impressed. I got my order 2 days after payment, i was super excited and i spent a lifetime in the bathroom.

Okay… Maybe the reason i wasn’t so satisfied is because i had such high expectations but what to do?! I’m always like that when i get new stuffs to try.

Anike herbal products

Took a pic immediately I got my order. It was nicely packaged…

The products look smaller than they appear on instagram.
Anike herbal product
The glow soap was filled to the brim but i sure knew it won’t last me up to 2 months. I don’t know if i drink soap o but they just dont last. A bar of Dudu osun lasts for 2 weeks max… Don’t judge me. I loved the fresh feeling after use but my face used to get this squeaky clean feel (which is a turn off for me, feels like my face is being strip off its moisture) but i just used the glow cream which i mixed with the brightening serum. I agree with Mindofamaka that it makes one feel like you are a freaky person mixing bleaching cream. The smell of the glow cream wasn’t it but it was bearable. When i sent a message complaining about the smell which i felt was a combo of Pinpop stick sweet and mistmag, i was told it was just the strawberry smell. Was like ‘Oh thats strawberry???!’ But how was i supposed to know, the ingredients used weren’t stated on the containers. I really think it would be nice if you know  what you are applying on your skin. I stopped using the glow cream after about 2 weeks, I don’t know why i stopped, Started using coconut oil as a moisturiser after the glow soap so no complaints there.
Anike herbal products
And for the product i was really looking forward to; The Coconut oil cleanser…
This product appears to be the miracle product for clearing spots. It made me really dark in 3 weeks. I was told to get the aloe gel or overnight lemon mask to counter the darkening effect. It had a grainy texture and made my skin so smooth after use.
I got a free sunscreen which i haven’t tried yet. I use the almond oil for my hair right after shampooing or co washing. I let it sit for a while and then rinse out. I have no complaints at all for the almond oil, infact i love that it has real almonds in it. I used the hair growth twice only because it smeared all over my pillow and still would end up all over my face (I really need to get that satin cap).

Anike herbal products

Finished glow soap

I would love to make another purchase because i know it requires patience while using organic products. Sadly, i can’t for now because there has been an increase in the price of the products and i would have to break my piggy bank to get them.
On the brighter side, I got to purchase a new brand of products when i attended the hair meet up organised by coilyheadofhair. Need i mention that i got a free bottle of afrobynature_hairvitality’s detangler co wash conditioner. I am loving how soft it makes my hair feel… Anike herbal products
I would give a proper review of the new stuff i got soon.
Everything written here are solely my opinion. It might work for jack and fail for jill. It all depends on our skin types and lifestyles.

Have you used anike herbal products before? How did it go?

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Remember my post on how i got my hair to grow amazingly long in four months. Check it out Here. Well, I got time to make it in large quantities and i have started taking orders.Hair growth cream

It contains Shea butter, aloe gel,honey, almond oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, vitamin E oil, Tea tree oil and hemp seed oil. All that in one container guarantees growth in 3 weeks max.

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