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I have no skills at all, I can’t start a business

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I have no skills at all, There’s no way I can start a business…

Now listen, I always tell people that the best kind of education is the education of the mind. School has brainwashed us and Most people leave school with the mindset that jobs are waiting for them out there.

They say that they have no talent or skill except the books and theoretical knowledge they have acquired.

Once, A roommate of mine said ‘Mama, I envy you o! You are doing bead, you are a motivational speaker and the confidence wey you get ehn. Na war. We wey e be say na only book we sabi’.. I pitied her a lot, why?

My guess is for people like her, when they get laid off from work, their next line of action will be to get a higher degree or take a professional course. They believe the problem is the certificate they are holding. School will never teach you how to be a good employee. No! A business admin student spends years learning to ‘count’ money but isn’t taught ways to make money.

What you need is a change of mindset, Register into the school of wealth and self development.

The best thing you can invest in is yourself. See jobs as a starting point to raise capital but never dream of working for someone your whole life. Ask pensioners what they go through.

Invest in yourself, read financial books. You can make money from teaching people what you know. You can make money from filling a need.

You don’t need a special skill to be an entrepreneur. Seeing opportunities where others see problems is a good start. Isaac Durojaiye, CEO of DMT(Dignified Mobile Toilet) saw a need and filled it. Don’t want to think that far? Alright, how about thinking of a service rendered lately that made you angry? How can you solve that issue and turn it into a business?.

Entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have to invent things, they use the invention of others and make it better than the inventors. How can you do this? Start developing your mind.

I started seeing things differently the day I decided to get myself a financial education. I learnt that you can’t see money with your two eyes. Funny but true!

You can make money from the skills of others. Ask PRs. They advertise your business and get their cuts. So you know a very make up artist that needs a litte bit of public attention and you have a good social media following and connections. Decide to be her manager and get your cuts from the job done. You can see this as a way of raising capital.

Don’t sit around blaming the government? Don’t sit around complaining of lack of money? Keep blaming recession and it will get you no where. Decide today to implement whatever plans you have, You won’t know till you try! Start little, Start now…

Hey sweety…. After reading this, I want you to see yourself as a project and get started on the journey to discover and and develop yourself. First off:

What are you good at?

What is that service you render so well?

In the bible, when God wanted to use Moses to free the Israelites. He asked him, what do you have in your hand? With the rod moses had in his hand, God used it to perform wonders.

What do you have in your hands?

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    Okolie Anthony
    September 29, 2017 at 9:14 pm

    Well written… I normally tell people to use that money they would normally use in buying yoghurt to buy books that they would new lessons of life and money from.

    Readers are more often than not leaders… Invest in your mind and not in your tummy guys!

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